An Experienced Gamer: Your One Stop for Extensive Gaming Reviews.

Hey there,

Welcome to my Blog! Here you will find many reviews on:

  • MMORPGS (Massive Online Role Playing Games)
  • FPS (First Person Shooters)
  • iPod Touch Apps
  • Xbox 360 Games
  • Browser Games
  • F2P Downloaded Games
  • Flash Games
  • And Social Media Games on Facebook and Google+

I am an avid gamer and love introducing people to new and exciting games. Gaming has been a huge part of my life in terms of entertainment, and I often find that if you can find the right game, it will enhance your experience of the online community.

I will review on several aspects of each game including:

  • Community Accessibility (Forums)
  • Game Play
  • Ratings and Hype
  • Customization of Characters
  • Social Connections (for Social Apps)
  • Interface (and how easy it is to use)
  • Achievement Systems (rank systems)
  • And a Whole lot More!

My main goal is to get games noticed that otherwise not many people would expect to find as trending in the top 10 list. I have played over 100 Downloaded MMORPGS, about 50 browser based games and a ton of flash based games. I am excited to share my extensive knowledge about the online gaming community and their respected games!

I hope you find that one game.